Friday, April 06, 2007

'Sup DAWG?!!

I played with this today. It was a sketch for a shirt a while back that we went a different direction with. I was cleaning through some stuff in my office and found the sketch. It was fun. Pencil Sketch, Colored in Photoshop.


Jeane Nevarez said...

Cute dog. That sounds like a fun job.

*Shawna said...

Jay! I've been waiting for you to have some posts on your blog! Hurray! I love your sense of humor which shines in this illustration! Your pirate is great, too (great character design). My husband is into trying to design some tee-shirts for a website called You should check it out. Warren is so proud that he was accepted into the "slogan club." Special, huh? It seems like something you might like to check out.

Next year, I'll let you know about the children's literature conference. It's usually in March at UVSC. There was actually quite a few people from Cedar City there this year! You would love it!

See ya soon in bloggerville,

Sebastien Gallego said...

Hey Jay, Good to hear from you again! I'm glad you are still drawing and painting! Fun stuff dude!
Have a great day,


Ken Chandler said...

Hey there fella! Nice of you to stop by my site. Love what you're doing with your blog. Though I need to see more to be fully satisfied.

Nice to see you blogging. It's a great way to expose yourself without getting arrested. Kidding!

How's Cedar City treating you and your fam? Are you freelancing then, for the Duck Company? I'll be back around from time to time, see what your up to. Nice to hear from you Jay. Oh, and I'll be walking in April- graduating in August. I am stoked! Take care bro!