Friday, April 13, 2007

Mad Cow

This is a shirt idea we didn't use. I saw something similar to this on with a juice box. I loved the concept of the sticky notes. I wanted to do a lame shirt that someone tried to make cool with sticky notes. Ultimately, my boss tends to worry that no one will buy it so he just doesn't try some ideas. Not a whole lot of drawing skill involved here, but i do like the sticky notes.


David Malan said...

I think this is an awesome design. YOur boss is mistaken. Very cool, I also disagree, you did a great job drawwing that face.

Ken Chandler said...

Hilarious Jay! I should take a national poll and see what percentage of people would buy this shirt-- but then again, I'm too lazy. Sorry Bud, you're on your own. :)

I agree with David, this is funny. Can't you make a limited edition of this and see how quickly they sell? I guess I just don't know the industry. Good luck!